Is microblading for me?

The term "microblading" has taken mainstream and is believed that it is the most natural eyebrow technique which surprisingly, isn't true. One major factor to consider when deciding which technique is best for you is determining your skin type. Those with oily skin should not get this technique because the oil in their skin will cause the "hair like strokes" to blur together over time, which defeats the purpose of getting microblading done. Clients suitable for this technique are normal to dry skin types and those with a lot of existing eyebrow hair.

Will I need a touch-up?

Yes. Permanent Makeup is a two step process. The color of the pigment will fade anywhere from 30-40% lighter in appearance once healed. Each individuals body chemistry is different, therefore, we cannot determine how much pigment your body will retain. At your touch-up appointment we can make any minor adjustments to the shape, color, and size of your permanent makeup. A touch-up appointment will also ensure your permanent makeup lasts a period of time.

How long is the healing time for my eyebrows and lips?

Eyebrows heal in 7-14 days and lips heal in 3-5 days.​ Please plan accordingly and refer to the pre and post care instructions.

Is ombre powder for me?

Ombre powder is an eyebrow technique that creates a filled in look especially in areas that are sparse. It is done by creating tiny little pixels of color and depositing it into the skin. This technique is customized and buildable to look natural for those clients who prefer a soft powdered look and bold for those clients who prefer a makeup look. More clients are choosing a shaded look these days because it heals very natural, is less invasive, and lasts the longest, and is suitable for all skin types!

What to expect after my eyebrow procedure?

Immediately after your service your eyebrows will appear dark in appearance.  As this is not the final result, it is important to know that your eyebrows will heal lighter once healed. During the healing process your brows will start to exfoliate off; this is because our skin naturally turns over creating new skin. In the following days your brows may appear very light until the skin pushes the pigment out to the top layer of the skin. You will see the true color of your brows at week 3 to 4 from your initial appointment. 

I'm interested in aquarelle lips. Can you make my lips bigger?

Aquarelle lips and lip blush will enhance the shape, color, and size or your lips. It is important to note that we can only go over your lip line by a few millimeters. This is to ensure you get the most natural healed results over time. Great healed results over time are very important to us! By creating definition around your lip line, the lips will give the illusion of a fuller pout. This is especially true if someone has a washed out or faded lip line. With many colors to choose from, there is a perfect tone for everyone! Unsure about the color? Not to worry, your artist will give suggestions on what would look best with your skin tone. Feel free to bring in your favorite lip product.

What to expect after aquarelle lips?

The color of your lips will appear more vibrant than what they will heal to. Swelling is also common in some clients and can last 6-24hrs. Healing time is around 3-5 days. During this time your lips may feel dry and appear chapped before fully healed. You will be given an aftercare ointment to assist in healing.