• Do not drink coffee, alcohol, or caffeine 24 hours before the treatment.

  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before treatment. No blood thinning medication or painkillers.

  • Do not take any oils (including omegas) 1 week before the treatment.

  • Avoid sun tanning or intense sun exposure one week before treatment. This may cause scarring.

  • No waxing 3 days before treatment.

  • No chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser or any intense treatments 4 weeks before treatment.

  • Botox and Fillers should be done 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your appointment.

  • Discontinue use of retin-A, acids, (glycolic, salicylic, lactic ect.) and retinol 2 weeks prior. 


  • Avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for 4 weeks.

  • Avoid sweating until fully healed. Yes this means working out, being in extremely hot weather, saunas, steam rooms, and hot showers for this may cause hair strokes to blur, there is no fixing this. 

  • No facials or chemical peels for 4 weeks.

  • No skincare products or makeup to be used on the treated area until fully healed.

  • No alcohol 24 hours prior

  • You can't be pregnant or breastfeeding

  • No blood thinners

  • If you suffer from cold sores you need to be taking an anti-viral like Acyclovir at least 3 days prior to your appointment and continue to take it 3 days after your appointment.

  • No botox near lip area and fillers 2 weeks prior to your appointment


  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Children under 18

  • If you've been on Accutane for the last 12 months

  • Heart conditions/pace maker/defibrillator (No exceptions)​

  • Keloid scarring

  • Keratosis

  • Allergies to topical anesthetics

  • Facial psoriasis or eczema 

  • If you are on any blood thinning medication. Please check with your doctor.

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